All-things-entity in one place, finally.

Can’t remember where you put the signed version of that very important doc, when that board meeting took place or what the majority to decide on xyz was - say no more. From now on, Fides remembers it for you.
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A timeline, because it makes sense

Nobody can possibly remember the exact dates for what happened when. Even if you were involved. Imagine new investors or new joiners trying to understand what has been going on. They can only try to dig up every PDF and search for the signing dates, if they are lucky enough to find them. That’s why you need a timeline, asap!

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Some tasks have to be done. Forgetting them will eventually cost you... a lot.

The law, your own contracts and other obligations give you a lot of tasks to keep track of. Besides the general duties for your specific legal entity form, we will also extract duties with deadlines from your individual documents and implement them in your entity's compliance calendar.

Examples for Tasks:

  • Schedule your annual shareholder meeting in due time,
  • Sign a resolution or protocol,
  • Approve a request from your colleague,
  • File an annual report or statement to an authority, or
  • Report specific numbers to investors or loan givers.

Work smarter, no need to remember harder

Fides is the place to keep a record of that very important but also very nitpicking company information, so your brain has more capacity for other things

Company Data

Administer all master data about each entity, e.g. register number, tax ID, address, legal representatives and important corporate documents.

Structure Chart

Visualise all affiliated entities, their contractual relationships and percentage of share; also going up to shareholder level and the beneficial owners of the company.


Enter relevant committees of each entity and their members responsible for governance-related decisions, e.g. Management, Investment Committee or Advisory Board.

Cap Table

Display all share classes, shareholders, their respective percentage of shares and their voting rights, so that Fides can calculate majority requirements.


Multiple entities? You should not have to manage all of these manually!

Quick understanding of the groups' entity structure, entity form, registered address, number, legal representatives, relationships between each entity and you can easily switch to another entity with one click. YES, the chart also supports to go up to the ultimate beneficial owners of the company and YES, can be exported to share.
Structure Chart

Need clarification?

Can I create a Structure Chart with all the subsidiaries of the company?

Yes, in our Structure Chart you may add all subsidiaries, holdings and related entities of your  group. You will be able to see the jurisdiction, the authorized representatives, the share percentage and who else holds shares in the subsidiary. It does not matter which entity form it is or in which jurisdiction the company is located, any entity and organisation can be displayed. You can also easily switch from one entity to the other.

Can the Entity Cockpit remind me of Corporate Governance tasks?

Yes, you will be able to see all entity-related governance tasks in the Dashboard. These result from both your own contracts like Article of Association but also general duties resulting rom the local laws. You can add custom tasks as well.

Task deadlines can also be connected with your calendar. You decide how often you want to be reminded and who should be reminded.

How does the Structure Chart help with AML duties?

In the Structure Chart you can also administer who the shareholders of your companys' shareholders are - up until to the ultimate beneficial owners. You can export this and use it in any KYC / AML process from your bank, the notary or other purposes.

What are the features of the Cap Table?

With our Cap Table it is easy to understand who holds which shares of the company. After the onboarding process you will see all shareholders in the colourful pie chart. By adding share classes, voting rights and share numbers, it's easy to keep track of the shareholders. We need to know that in order to calculate majorities and quora for other workflow-related purposes like resolution in the Fides product suite.

What is the “Committees” feature?

The Committees are the organizational units of a company, that have certain rights and obligations in the company. Typically they make governance-relevant decisions which should be documented as such. In Fides, a Committee can execute Resolutions either within Meetings or by Circular Resolution. In the Entity Cockpit you can manage the Committee members the (vice) Chairperson and its Rules of Procedure, if any. You may set a term for a Committee or a certain member and can even create Subcommittees (Ausschüsse) belonging belong to a certain Committee.

We know you have good will. You just need to be able to prove it.