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Checklists, best practices, updates from regulatory changes and explanations of the most basic things AND even explanations on your own individual contracts - basically all one can wish for regarding your legal entity.

Knowledge Hub

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The Basics

For the most important legal topics related to managing an entity and fulfilling your duties as an MD or other body of an entity, we provide checklists & articles with the facts you need to know.

New Regulations

If there is a new regulation coming up or suddenly relevant for you, because e.g. your no. of employees changed, you can find information on what to do until when.

Mandatory Decisions

During the Onboarding, we extract all Mandatory Decisions from your AoA, SHA & Rules of Procedure and catalogize them for your entity incl. the related committee, majority and procedure to execute this.

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Your pain? We understand. This is why we do what we do, and can provide you with an experience like no other.

Your experience at Fides will be supervised by our Legal Customer Success Managers, who are qualified lawyers and have several years of work experience in corporate law firms. So if you can't find the answer, you can always reach out to your personal Legal Customer Success Manager who will tell you where to find the information or connect you with one of our partner law firms.


Need clarification?

How does Fides know the company’s corporate documents?

Your Fides journey starts with our elaborate onboarding. Our in-house lawyers read your corporate documents and extract all the legal information we need.

How can the Knowledge Hub help with understanding corporate documents?

After we scanned your corporate documents we show you all the interesting information - in a way that makes them easy to grasp and understand. This includes a list of all decisions that require a resolution of a committee according to your corporate documents. In the future you will also see information like e.g. formal requirements of meetings.

Does Fides help to keep track of new corporate duties?

Yes, our lawyers publish articles on the newest developments in corporate governance. This way you can keep yourself updated and don’t miss any major changes. If you like you can set an alert to be informed about any new article we publish (not MVP.1).

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