From resolution draft to signing and filing - seamless & secure.

Fides helps you to digitize your entire resolution workflows across the company group so that you can keep a digital audit trail of any governance-relevant decision.


Freestyling resolutions is a bad idea...

Many decisions and business activities require a signed resolution. Some have to follow certain legal requirements to be valid, e.g. form, majorities, wording or kind of signature.

These requirements differ depending on the legal form and the jurisdiction. Fides helps you to automatically comply with all of that.


The whole resolution workflow with built-in legal guidance

Compliant templates

For the most common 30+ resolution items, we provide you with pre-formulated texts that you can customize with a few clicks and send out for EQS signing.

Approve draft

Request an approval on the resolution draft from a colleague or law firm; allow comments to the draft to have an audit trail of how the document evolved.

Send out for signing

Send the final draft for signing to all committee members; set a deadline and trigger automated reminders if someone has not signed yet.

Automated filing

The fully signed resolution is automatically filed to the Fides Data Vault; set a trigger to always notify e.g. your tax advisor once a specific resolution is executed.

Fides resolutions can be signed electronically through our DocuSign integration

fides docusign-1

Need clarification?

What is a resolution?

A resolution is a decision made by a committee of a company; Shareholders, managing directors or an advisory board may all create resolutions. This is often required by law or corporate documents and is very important to avoid liability risks. Resolutions can be executed during a meeting (orally) or via circulating resolution. The latter option is more time-friendly and is used most of the times. In Fides you can draft the resolution, request feedback from others and let the committee vote and sign the resolution electronically. After the voting period, Fides will create a resolution-pdf that can be downloaded.

How does Fides know which majority is required for a resolution?

After the voting period ended, Fides determines automatically whether the resolution passed or failed. Thanks to our thorough onboarding process during which we go through all relevant corporate  documents (e.g. Article of Association, SHA or Rules of Procedure), the software knows which majority is required for each resolution.

Is a qualified electronic signature as good as a wet-ink signature (”Schriftform”)?

Yes, the qualified electronic signature (QES) is as good as a wet-ink signature in all typical resolution scenarios. Therefore, you can digitize every circular resolution, even if the law or the company’s corporate documents require a wet-ink signature. The only thing that still requires an analogue signature is the notarised deed (and we are working on this too :).

How is DocuSign implemented in the signing progress?

Fides provides the option for both the advanced and the qualified electronic signature by integrating the DocuSign-API. This means that Fides users can sign documents like resolutions and meeting protocols via DocuSign without leaving the Fides environment.

We know you have good will. You just need to be able to prove it.