Never miss a due date again.

With Fides you can easily monitor, assign and complete duties, deadlines and tasks deriving from various laws, internal contracts and workflows within Fides.

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Your memory is not the place to keep any relevant tasks.

Not all tasks and deadlines were created equal. We all know, some tasks are just more important than others. This especially includes anything governance-related. Therefore, it's not a good idea to "just remember" it, put it in Google Calendar or buried in some other task management.


Fides is the place.

Fides not only gives you suggestions of tasks based on law and corporate documents, but also gives you the possibility to mark tasks as done and provide an audit trail and prove that you did them in time.



All governance-relevant tasks in one place

Legal Tasks

For the most common duties that derive from Corporate law, we automatically create tasks for your entity with pre-formulated checks on how to fulfil them.

Contractual tasks

During the onboarding, the Fides legal team and our AI scanns through your corporate documents deriving the most important duties, e.g. shareholder reportings.

Custom tasks

You can of course create custom tasks for any matter relevant for your governance, e.g. IP right duties, quarterly reportings, authority deadlines


Need clarification?

Who can be the assignee of a task?

Tasks can be created either for yourself, other colleagues or external advisors like your lawyer or tax advisor. You can also assign a task to a committee, for example the Board. This way all committee members get reminded to e.g. approve a budget proposal, sign a resolution, etc.

How does Fides remind assignees of pending taks?

If a deadline was set for the task, Fides will send out an email-reminder to the assignee before the deadline ends. Furthermore, all pending tasks are prominently displayed in the users dashboard.

Does Fides offer recurring tasks?

Yes. As some tasks are not one-time “To-Dos” but rather frequent (e.g. quarterly report). Fides also allows you to make a task recurring and set the frequency of the task to daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.

Are tasks still visible once they’re completed?

Yes. In order to provide you with an audit trail we do not delete any completed task (unless you explicitly want to take this action). We keep a record of when you marked the task as completed  and any documents that you uploaded to prove the completion.

Does Fides create tasks for me?

In general, creating tasks is really easy, so you don`t need any support. As part of our legal onboarding we provide the service to create the most typical “corporate tasks”, e.g. reminder to make a resolution on the annual statement or updating the transparency register annually.

We know you have good will. You just need to be able to prove it.