Meet Fides, we turn your corporate duties into good governance.

Whether you are a C-level executive, board member or shareholder, Fides is here to make your life easier by enabling a seamless and digital execution of all your legal entity duties, while also creating a secure audit trail.


Fides, your one-stop-shop for C-level governance

Keep an overview of all-things-entity in one place

Compliantly execute meetings, resolutions & approvals

Have a secure audit trail of all C-level decisions made


Single-source-of-truth of entity docs, info & responsibilities

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DIcon - Dashboard

Entity Cockpit

Entity overview: All documents and data from statutes, AoA, organizational charts, PoAs to committee and entity information is stored and visualized

DIcon - Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

Interactive guidance hub curated to your individual obligations resulting from applicable laws, SHA/AoA/etc. requirements, as well as from Compliance and ESG frameworks

DIcon - Data Room

Data Vault

Automated filing of documents and executive summaries ensures revision-proof storage



Guided workflows for meetings, resolutions & approvals

DIcon - Resolutions


Built-in legal advice and templates to simplify the creation of resolutions in various jurisdictions e.g. legally compliant creation and execution of a shareholder or board resolution

DIcon - Meetings


Each participant has quick and secure access to all meeting documents. One click converts the agenda into a protocol, that can be confirmed & signed by all participants

DIcon - Approvals


Create an RFA (Request for Approval) towards board, shareholders or other colleagues. Easy forwarding, audit-trail and real-time monitoring of approval result


Fides customers are in good company

"The struggle of keeping everything up-to-date, in one place while making sure everything is done right by every managing director, shareholder or board member across entities - finally solved."

"As we are on-the-road-to-IPO we need to formalize our governance processes accordingly. With Fides, we can solve several requirements for going and being public at once."

"Fides is the solution that everyone needs but no one has built yet. We were even thinking about developing something like this inhouse. Thanks to Fides we saved our time and money on that and continue to do so every day by using Fides."


Keep all stakeholders in the loop

With customizable access rights you increase your efficiency when working with third parties, e.g. other internal departments, tax advisors, lawyers, auditors, investment banks.


Accelerate your DDs

Never lose valuable time in DD processes again because you have to “prep the bride” first. Your governance data room is always up-to-date and you will never have to search resolutions or meeting protocols again.


Yes, Fides knows corporate law and creates real automation

Built-in legal logics from corporate law codes

We have turned corporate law regulations into legal logics in our software, so the tool knows, e.g. what is required for a compliant invitation to a shareholders' meeting of a GmbH (limited liability company).

Customization for your legal setup

During onboarding, the relevant duties and deadlines from your company law documents, i.e. articles of association, SHA, rules of procedure or any advisory board bylaws, are extracted and implemented.

Compliant templates for resolutions

For the most common 30+ resolution items, we provide pre-formulated texts that you can flexibly adapt with a few clicks and send out for signature. You can always upload your own resolution template or draft.

Guidance from fully qualified lawyers

During onboarding and thereafter, you will be supported by our Legal Customer Success Managers, who are fully qualified lawyers and have several years of experience in big corporate law firms.


We know you have good intentions. You just need to be able to prove them!


Yes, you do need an audit trail!

Investors are not your friends

Auditors are not your friends

Authorities are not your friends


Fides has your back

As a neutral provider with a revision-proof audit trail architecture, the records kept in Fides serve as proof in internal investigations, D&O cases or to fight allegations against prosecutors.


Fides is your "G" in "ESG"

How to fulfil the “E” and the “S” in ESG is obvious. But the “G” is pretty much undefined. Just by using Fides you implement a range of good governance practices which will satisfy investors and other stakeholders.


Let's find out if Fides is the right solution for you

For which companies is Fides intended for?

In general, any company can benefit from Fides. Fides is particularly favored by companies

- with several subsidiaries or holdings,

- that regularly undergo financing rounds and due diligences or are on-the-road-to-IPO,

- that are listed on the stock exchange or have many verification obligations towards supervisory authorities due to their industry.

Which jurisdictions does Fides cover?

Generally, Fides works for every jurisdiction. Any entity in the world can be onboarded and experience the benefits of digitizing entity, shareholder and board governance. Besides that, we have special built-in legal guidance for certain jurisdictions. Right now, Fides has this for the German jurisdiction, meaning GmbHs, AGs, SEs, UGs, KGs get legally compliant workflows for executing shareholder meetings, resolutions & co.

Who operates the tool in the company?

That depends on who usually owns and orchestrates these processes in the company. Typically, these are
CEO - The CEO / MD herself + her assistant
Legal: CLO / General Counsel / Corporate Secretary
Finance: CFO / VP Finance
Operations: COO / VP Operations

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  • Discuss how Fides can help your organization

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*Personal demos are offered to members of the c-suite & their immediate staff.