We are building Fides to enable  Good Governance globally

We can all agree that Good Governance is essential; it minimizes risks for both the company and individual stakeholders like management, board of directors and investors. Still - as we also know from our very own experiences - installing proper governance is tough; it requires resources, is often riddled by manual, tedious and repetitive tasks and rather complex. We believe this should be different. That's why we're building Fides, for all of us!


Previously, we were lawyers, managing directors & shareholders, so we built a tool we would use ourselves!

Lisa Gradow



Lisa is a serial entrepreneur who most recently served as CPO of Usercentrics, which she co-founded and helped grow to 7-digit MRR and +150 employees. As an active angel investor, Lisa has backed 14 startups and one fund in the past three years and is currently a bord member of the German Startup Association. Knowing the perspective of both management and shareholders, she has experienced the problems of our users herself.

Philippa Peters



As a lawyer, Philippa experienced first-hand how often many Managing Directors lack the awareness and clarity with respect to their duties and guidance on how to best fulfill them. She specialised in Corporate & Insolvency Law working at top law firms like Freshfields and Noerr and spent a lot of time supporting her clients to track and fulfill their respective duties; she therefore knows exactly how to best streamline those tasks and workflows.

Vincent Bobinski



As a serial founder and operator, Vincent has more than 12 years of experience in managing startups. In his most recent venture, Jeffrey, he served as the Founding CTO & MD, grew the business to 3M ARR (with just 400k funding) before successfully exiting to Helpling. His passion for Fides comes from experiencing what he calls 'FoFu - Fear of Fucking up'. As an engineer, speaking 12 coding languages he strongly believes technology can fix this.


Governance  requirements are exploding

Executives are increasingly overwhelmed by their duties, while 89% of companies report massive challenges in legal entity management

D&O Liability

While D&O Insurance Policies have increased tenfold since COVID-19, they continue to only cover a very limited set of cases.

Compliance Scandals

New scandals (Wirecard, VW Diesel, etc.) highlight the importance of transparent decision-making and governance structures.

Remote Work

The sudden remote culture is calling for digital governance processes with decentralized decision-making and approval lines.

ESG Requirements

Across industries and departments, ESG has become an essential, yet the G(overnance)-element remains to be defined.

We know you have good will. You just need to be able to prove it!